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Ayr History!

No one is brave enough to attempt to date when Ayr was founded, but it certainly has a long and fascinating history with some interesting landmarks and antiquities. It was certainly well established before the Magna Carta was signed and has the oldest burgh charter in Scotland, issued in 1205. However this "auld toun" as it is affectionately known, is keeping abreast of the times with modern technology and a thriving community of around 46,000 people.

The original castle in Ayr was built in 1197 and was superceded by a citadel in 1654 built by Oliver Cromwell on the same foundations. Some of the walls can still be seen today. Much of Ayr's architecture dates back to the 15th century including the old toll booth and Louden Hall. St John's Tower was the site of the first Scottish parliament in 1315, led by Robert the Bruce long before he was officially crowned King of Scotland.

The Auld Brig which is still used by pedestrians has outlived the New Bridge which was erected in the 1700s as its replacement. During severe flooding in the 19th century, the New Bridge was washed away and had to be rebuilt. Other interesting buildings worth seeking out are the Borderline Theatre, the County Building, Sandgate and the Town Hall with its spire, all excellent examples of architecture from days gone by.